Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Cyc Foundation Update

A lot has been happening at the Cyc Foundation, even though nothing has been happening with this blog. Some folks have expressed confusion over where to go for Cyc Foundation information. People who want to get their hands dirty and participate can just email me (johnd at cycfoundation.org). Tell me a little about yourself and why your interested, and we'll add you to the mailing list and get you access to the wiki.

Better yet, we now have a server that is operational. So, the logical next step will be to put up a website. We're working on it, along with several other projects.

  • We're making an application that will let people (and some background programs) determine links between Wikipedia article titles and Cyc concept terms. This will grow the Cyc ontology and provide a way to access Wikipedia content semantically.
  • We're getting ready to publish the Cyc ontology as a Semantic Web resource, with one URI per concept.
  • We're creating REST Web services for easy access to create, read, update, delete and query Cyc concepts, facts and rules.

Further descriptions of all of these are available on the members-only Wiki and will also be available on the website.


At 5:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please add me to your mailing list.

I'm doing a research on adaptive knowledge representation web-based
system and am interested in using Cyc as something like a global
map of human knowledge for the purposes of categorization of
documents and determination of their relevance. I think there is a great potential of using Cyc in this area.

My email is tarasf A/T wessex.ac.uk

Thank you

Taras Filatov, researcher from Wessex Institute of Technology, Southampton, UK


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